The Bible, the Word of God, is written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. In our Worship, St. Peter's Church uses the New Revised Standard Version. You can go on line and read from the New Revised Standard Version at For resources to study the bible lessons for any Sunday of the year, consult The Text This Week. To take a basic course in any book of the bible, consult Enter the Bible from Lutheran Seminary.

The Book of Common Prayer is the main source for our worship materials. The Episcopal Church's teaching is contained in the Book of Common Prayer. The complete Book of Common Prayer is available online HERE.

The Catechism of the Episcopal Church offers the teaching of the Church in the form of questions and answers. Click Here for more information.

Creation and Modern Science are seen by some to be in conflict. The Catechism on Creation presents the teaching of the Episcopal Church on Creation and the relationship between Science and Faith. Click Here for more information.

Morning and Evening Prayer is the primary way by which Episcopalians sanctify their day. The Mission of St. Clare provides you with an online resource to pray with traditional Morning and Evening Prayer. The resource provides for prayer in both English and Spanish. The Episcopal Church provides alternate canticles for Morning and Evening Prayer which are available with Morning and Evening Prayer at Many people like to pray Compline before going to sleep. That office is available from the Book of Common Prayer (Scroll down the page for the service on a particular day) or from the New Zealand Prayer Book

The Worldwide Anglican Communion brings together those churches in various countries that find a common worship and theological vision as based on the historical Church of England. The Church of England finds its origins in The Church of England, which severed its ties with the Bishop of Rome during the Reformation while retaining much of the forms of worship from historical Western Christianity. For more information Click Here.

The Episcopal Church is the mainline Anglican Church as found in the United States of America. The Episcopal Church was organized after the American Revolution to continue the Church of England without the oaths of loyalty to the British Monarch. The Episcopal Church bases its beliefs on the traditional creeds of the Church: The Apostles Creed and the Nicean Creed. To learn more about the Episcopal Church you can explore the church’s webpage HERE.

The Diocese of Newark traces its roots to Trinity Church in Newark, established by a Royal Charter in 1729. The Diocese of Newark has been on the forefront of social from Bishop Leland Stark who, in the 1960’s, supported the Peace movement and women’s ordination. Bishop George Rath hired two of the Philadelphia Eleven, the first eleven women to be ordained in the Episcopal Church. Bishop Jack Spong has reformulated much of the traditional teaching of the church in biblical studies and ethics. Bishop Jack Croneberger advanced the rights of the LGBTQ community with the authorization of Rites of Blessing for Same Gender Couples. Bishop Mark Beckwith is the current and 10th bishop of Newark. For more information Click Here.

Sunday School Curriculum St Peter's Church uses the Episcopal Children’s Curriculum for Sunday School. The Curriculum is a three year cycle that presents the basics in the Bible, Christian History, Worship and Christian Doctrine. The Curriculum is available online at Virginian Theological Seminary Web Page.