In-Service Ministries

Acolyte and Chalist
Acolytes assist at the Holy Eucharist by leading processions, accepting the gifts from the ushers, and helping the priests during the service. Chalicists distribute the consecrated wine and grape juice to the congregation during the Eucharist. Training for certification is required and provided.
Altar Guild
Two members prepare for the Sunday Holy Eucharist on Saturday and clean up after the various servieces. There is training for new members. Both women and men participate in the altar guild.
Lay Readers present the Word of God to the congregation through the readings of the Old and New Testaments and the psalms. They also lead the prayers of the people. Two lay readers are assigned per Sunday and one can expect to participate once every three or four weeks.
Ushers greet people as they enter into the church, gather the gifts from the people, and assist people as they approach the altar.

Outreach Ministries

St. Peter's Cares
St. Peter's Cares is an emergency fund that is raised from within the congregation and given as a gift when immediate needs arise in Clifton and the surrounding communities (or anywhere else deemed appropriate). The First Sunday of the month is considered Care Sunday, when parishioners are encouraged to give to this fund. If, at the end of a quarter, no requests have been made, the money in the fund will be given to a ministry or charity of the vestry’s choosing The congregation is informed in announcements on Sundays when a gift has been sent to those in need.
St. Peter's Haven & Community Pantry
The Haven provides shelter and support for homeless families. Through the work of staff and volunteers, the program empowers families to become self-sufficient and enables them to escape the trap of homelessness. Our families live in a house on the church property or in one of two apartments at Ella's House, our residence on Burgess Place. The Haven also provides case management, parenting classes, respite care, and health education for our resident families served through the Pantry. The Pantry serves over 550 residents of Passaic County each month. Food is contributed by members of the parish family, by friends and neighbors in Clifton, and by churches and other organizations throughout the county.
Volunteer opportunities for the Food Pantry are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Saturday from 8AM - 12PM.
For more information please call 973-546-3406.